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  The BOOT store sells fiction and non-fiction books dealing with the southwestern area of the United States, during the 19th century, primarily what is now California. Richard Henry Dana's book Two Years Before the Mast is a classic title, very much representative of our general book stock. It tells of Richard Henry Dana's adventures at sea during the first half of the 1800's trip to early San Diego to visit his shipmate.  Other popular titles include: Helen Hunt Jackson's book Ramona, a fictional account of the plight of Indians in California, Testimonios, Early California Through the Eyes of Women 1815-1848, The Mormon Battalion, an account of the longest military march in U. S. History, period Cookbooks and many more.

In addition, the store carries items of a period nature, gourds, baskets, herbs, period hard candy, and handicrafts that one might have encountered in early California. Many of these items are  hand made by docent volunteers or our Old Town blacksmiths. Most items are not "replicas" of existing antiques, but they are constructed from materials and designs appropriate to our historic period. Corn husk dolls, "pioneer dolls" and decorated gourds are a perennial favorites.  In addition, herbs, grown in our gardens, are dried and prepared for use in teas and seasoning mixes. Other items are more modern in character but retain many of the same materials and simplicity of design and function.   Click here to see samples. 

Be sure to drop in the store the next time you visit Old Town State Historic Park in San Diego. The BOOT Store is not yet a mail order enterprise so please do not send orders to our email addresses. However, please feel free to comment on or suggest as to how we may better serve the public.


Boot members receive a 10% discount on items in the BOOT store.  


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