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Educational Tours


For many years Boosters of Old Town, in cooperation with Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, conducted educational tours.  Currently the park staff are conducting these tours.  Staff will impart the feeling of "being there" by wearing period attire and will share their knowledge of all facets of early San Diego history while you enjoy this historic site.  The park tour brochure is presented here and as a printable PDF for your information.  

Additional opportunities for field trips in Old Town San Diego are presented below.  The Old Town San Diego Foundation is a newly established organization, formed to raise money specifically to fund transportation costs for San Diego City and County school 4th grade student field trips to Old Town San Diego in support of the California History Curriculum studies.  Trip options and the grant application form are presented in PDF forms at the bottom of this page.




For For a PDF copy of this brochure Click here


Old Town San Diego Field Trip Teacher's Resource Guide PDF. 
Feedback regarding this guide would be greatly appreciated. Please Send comments to

A Teachers Guide to Historical and Contemporary Kumeyaay Culture
A Supplemental Resource for Third and Fourth Grade Teachers click here for PDF

To help plan your your you may obtain Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, museum brochures here: id=27893 



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